Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club ♔


An overview of the NFT project Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club on Cardano; who are we, the project focus and the community.

Who are Bored Elizabeth II?

A team experienced in the NFT space and passionate about what they do; who launched their first successfull project on Solana. After that we saw the light and moved to the Cardano ecosystem… WAY better.

What is the focus of the project?

In a couple of words: NFT Staking with an NFT at only 6 ADA for better performance.

  • The team has enabled holders of the Bored Elizabeth II NFT’s to stake on Cardano Lands, all initial 250k votes there coming from the team! So once you own their NFT staking can begin right away.
  • Plan in place to start earning 2x rewards on Cardanolands!
  • They are also collaborating with other Non-Custodial staking platforms to add more value to these NFT’s. Check out the discord for more information (link below)

The Community

  • The discord community is active and the team is involved and does a great job to encourage activity from members.
  • Members are kept updated through announcements and minor-announcements.
  • Project is fully doxxed with The Block Investment and verified on CNFT Tools and Jpeg store, just search for Bored Elizabeth!

Hope to see you soon at Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club!

Please check out the links below for additional information!


Learn about the project, website:


Join the Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club Discord channel:

Cardano Lands:



Bored Elizabeth II Palace Club ♔

We are a fun experienced NFT staking Team dedicated to #CardanoLands.